New Horizons in Turkish Tile Art (Student Exhibition)

The exhibition consists of the works of students from Dept. of Turkish Tile Arts (GTSB) of Fac. of Fine Arts (GSF) in the Mehmet the Conquerer’s Foundational University (FSMVÜ).

These young artists with their novice approach also remind us the inner re-creational potential of our traditional art forms. Their noticiable examples in the present exhibition include use of new techniques such as "stratified tiling" (katmanlı çini) and "modular tiling" (modüler çini) as well as the creation of new motifs and designs using more modern gadgets such as the street sinkhole (manhole) covers (rögar kapakları), car-wheel rim designs, vases and drinking glasses.

The exhibition is prepared and coordinated by Dr. Latife Aktan Özel, a staff member from GSF-GTSB FSMVÜ. The contributing graduate students include Nazan Ilgaz, Yasemin Acar Kara, Zeynep Ertürk, Gülüzar Çevik, Gülcan Kaplan, Hayriye Özcan, Esra Boz, Elif Özcan, Gülmisal Eslek and Hüsna Koç..