Scientific Program

Program Overview

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Advanced Ceramics

  • Bioceramics
    • Bioinert ceramics
    • Bioactive ceramics
    • Implant and dental surgery applications
    • Biomimetics
    • Nanotechnological applications
  • Ceramics for Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Applications
    • Dielectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric ceramics and applications
    • Magnetic ceramics and multiferroics
    • Microwave ceramics
    • High temperature superconductors
    • Non-linear conductive ceramics e.g. varistors, rezistors, thermistors
    • Optical applications and crystals
  • Ceramic Composites and Applications
    • Ceramic matrix-ceramic rainforced composites
    • Metal matrix-ceramic reinforced composites
    • Polymer matrix-ceramic reinforced composites
    • Production and application of composites
  • Innovative Synthesis Techniques and Processes
    • Innovative powder synthesis techniques (chemical methods, mechanical alloying etc.)
    • Colloidal dispersion, surface modification
    • Shaping techniques (pressing, suspended gels-tape casting, injection molding, solid free forming etc)
    • Sinterind and densification (conventional liquid phase, sparc plasma, hot pressing, etc)
    • Single crystal forming
    • Relations between production, microstructure and the properties
  • Advanced Ceramics for Environmental and Energy Applications
    • Solid oxide fuel cells and the components
    • Proton and oxygen ion conductors
    • Electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
    • Microporous membranes e.g. zeolites
    • Catalytically functionalized ceramics
  • Surface Treatments, Coatings and Thin Films
    • Surface modification and surface coating methods (Plasma Spraying, Microarc Oxidation,etc)
    • Functionalized gradiant coatings
    • Synthesis of thin films and applications (Sol-gel, CVD, PVD, etc)
  • Structural Advanced Ceramics
    • High temperature ceramics and the applications (Alumina, zirconia etc)
    • Tough and hard abrasives and the applications (SiAlON, SiC, Si3N4 etc)

Industrial Ceramics

  • Silicates
    • Raw materials
    • Glazes and enamels
    • Tiles (digital decoration, energy and environment)
    • Sanitarywares
  • Refractories
    • Production from industrial wastes
    • New refractory materials
    • Environmentally friendly refractories
    • High temperature refractories
  • Ceramic Pigments
    • New pigment formulations
    • Pigment production technologies
    • Characterization of pigments
  • Geopolymers and Cement
  • Industrial
    • Improvements in dry grinding technologies
    • Improvements in digital decoration technology
    • Improvements in glazing technology
    • Improvements in polishing technology
  • Standards
  • Energy and Environment
    • Energy efficiency in ceramic production
    • Acquisition for the waste of heat in ceramic industry
  • Characterization

Archaeometry and Archaeology

SERES 2014 focuses on the topics of technology, provenance, dating, restoration and conservation of archaeological ceramics and other related materials. Archaeometry & Archaeology session of the congress will be composed of the themes given below:

  • Ceramics, Glazes, Glass and Vitreous Materials (technology and provenance)
  • Metallurgical Ceramics (technology and provenance)
  • Stone, Mortar and Pigments (technology and provenance)
  • Archaeochronometry (dating)
  • Ceramics, Glazes, Glass, Paint and Coroplastic Art in Archaeology
  • Restoration and Conservation of Archaeological Ceramics and Glass
  • Others (characterization techniques applied in art and archaeometry, research studies on the development of characterization techniques used in archaeometry, etc.)

Glass and Glass Ceramics

  • Glass Raw Materials
  • Production Processes
  • Colour Formation
  • Traditional Glasses
  • Advanced Glasses
  • Commercial Glasses
  • Nanotechnology in Glasses
  • Glass Fibers
  • Optical Glasses
  • Coated Glasses
  • Tempering and Annealing
  • Glass-ceramics
  • Bio-glasses
  • Physical and Chemical Properties


  • Modern Ceramic Art
  • Modern Glass Art
  • Traditional Ceramics (Art Craft)
  • Traditional Glass (Art Craft)
  • Ceramic Design
  • Glass Design
  • Ceramic Firing Techniques
  • Critics on Ceramic Art
  • Environmental Ceramic Art